Generative design

Energy iterations

Two large scale skyscrapers (7”x24” in the middle) made via CNC:

  1. Yellow colored model represents parametric optimized shape for receiving maximum amount of sun. Wind tunnel generated for producing maximum possible amount of energy based on existing weather data.
  2. Black/yellow colored model represents skyscraper with rotated floor plates for particular site in Chicago. Shape of the building generated to increase wind speed around skyscraper. Yellow color represents superstructure (four columns with integrated 200 small wind turbines). External superstructure allows to receive open floors – free from any structural elements.

Four small scale models made out of sandstone and color-coded according to the local parameters of the sun (6”x12” from left to right):

  • Chicago, IL;
  • Evanston, IL;
  • Sydney, Australia;
  • Beijing, China.