Star wars museum

Energy autonomy

New Multi-functional Museum is the first example of energy autonomous tower for Chicago. Its importance extends far beyond role as icon for a global energy changers. This tower is designed to embrace and stimulate the cultural life of the Loop.

The design of this tower maximizing the potential for wind energy and harvesting in it. Main energy is collected by wind turbines on top of the building. The scheme developed as a combination of best aerodynamic shape and solar analysis for local site. This proposal aims to maximize the natural daylight entering the floor space. Wind turbines oriented towards the predominant wind direction. Wind channel spires on both sides to capture and accelerate the wind coming from other directions. Four “Sky-turbines” for indoor sky-driving with exiting surrounding cityscape are located at the top of the tower and open for all visitors starting from 3 years old. All equipment including “Sky turbines” powered by renewable energy.